The foundation of the doctor patient relationship is based on explicit confidentiality.  Oakwood understands the value of this, and assures the highest level of privacy for all its clients.   It should go without saying that a guarantee of the strictest privacy would be expected in any medical practice.  However, the traditional office based medical model where patients congregate in one location is inherently flawed when it comes to patient privacy.   Oakwood, however truly sets the bar since the doctor primarily treats the members via remote telemedicine providing greater anonymity.    Additionally,  Dr. Deutsch's network of clients and personal acquaintances includes many very high profile individuals.  This allows Oakwood members to feel confident that their healthcare is only about exceptional treatment and never about their personal life.  Of course, medical records and communication utilize HIPPA compliant electronic medical record keeping with fully encrypted technology.  

Your medical care is no ones business but yours and your doctors.
— Dr Jake Deutsch