Jake Deutsch, MD


Jake Deutsch is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He  is board certified in Emergency Medicine.  Dr. Deutsch's specialty training took place in NYC where he was chief resident at Beth Israel Medical Center.  With over 15 years of ER experience, treating and diagnosing complex medial problems is the mainstay of the doctor's medical practice.  Emergencies like an acute myocardial infarction or appendicitis are everyday occurrences for an ER doctor.   At the same time having a broad base of medical knowledge is a necessary skill of ER physicians such as Dr. Jake.  The wide scope of practice allows expertise to treat all ages with vast array of medical problems.   This makes Dr. Jake's qualifications to practice concierge medicine truly unique.  With the  foundation of Oakwood's practice grounded in the multifaceted discipline of emergency medicine, Dr. Deutsch  has a unique  skill set that make his concierge services truly unprecedented.   


Prior to launching Oakwood,  Dr. Deutsch founded CURE Urgent Care in 2014.  The multi-office immediate care clinics of which, he was founder and clinical director, are a practice of ten physicians and three physician assistants who are responsible for treating over 4,000 patients a month.  Dr. Deutsch built this practice from the ground up establishing the highest quality of care that earned CURE the rating of the best urgent care in New York City by their patients.  Dr. Deutsch is credentialed at Mt Sinai Health System, which is synonymous with quality healthcare.  Working side by side with some of the best doctors in the world brings yet another dimension to  his expertise.    


Emergency Medicine 

"People always ask why I went into emergency medicine.  Quite simply it's a passion.  Being an ER doc, I get to deal with all the elements of medicine which I am most connected with.  The life and death situations, the trauma, the toxicology and the critically ill treatment are all exciting and very interesting  aspects of medicine.  At the same time I love the fundamental elements of being a clinician.  Taking time to explain illnesses and go that extra mile to connect with patients, some at their worst moments, has always been the credo of my practice. With over 20 years of clinical experience, I want to bring my expertise and my passion for emergency medicine to a more personalized niche setting.  Hence, a new chapter in my medical career has unfolded in creating Oakwood."  




Always on call in The City That Never Sleeps...


NYC at heart 

If the heart of the practice is the physician, then the soul is the that patients call home.  Dr. Deutsch has lived and practiced medicine in New York for two decades.  Choosing the biggest and best city in the world was both a personal choice as well as a calculated  opportunity to obtain world class training.  Being a doctor  in Manhattan has shaped Dr. Deutsch's fundamental core values and is essential to successfully treating those who live in the Big Apple.  


In my experience as an ER doc, there is no knowledge more important than knowing about your health and how to obtain the best medical care.
— Dr. Jake Deutsch CNN interview

Medical Expert 

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